Granville R. Hodges, Jr
Vice President - Operations

Granville R. Hodges, Jr. is the Vice President of Operations for American States Utility Services, Inc., a subsidiary of American States Water Company.  In that capacity he is responsible for the operations of the Company and works collaboratively across all business units to define and implement clear and consistent processes and management methods to meet all contractual obligations and commitments of the organization.  Mr. Hodges has more than 36 years of experience in the water industry and brings a wealth of practical knowledge related to utility operations, administration, and other service modalities.  His interpersonal and leadership skills have helped serve to forge solid partnerships with military leaders, business leaders, contractors and consultants.  He was integrally involved with launching the Company’s Service Leadership Academy program and serves as a mentor and as an advisor to service professionals on issues relating to operations, emergency preparedness, procedures and practices.

Mr. Hodges’ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Master’s degree studies in Organizational Leadership.  He has served in leadership roles with the American Water Works Association and numerous municipal and community-based organizations.


In pursuing our mission, the board of directors, management and the company´s employees are guided by the shared Values presented below:

Integrity - Building trust through honest communications and doing what is right

Teamwork - Maximizing efficiency through collaboration and individual strengths

Respect - Valuing diversity and treating all stakeholders with fairness

Excellence in Service - Striving for excellence and quality in everything we do

Accountability - Taking ownership of one´s actions