James B. Gallagher
Vice President - Management Services

Mr. Gallagher has been with the American States Water Company’s family of companies for the last 27 years.  Joining Golden State Water Company in October 1987, he held numerous executive positions in various areas of Golden State, including nine years as Chief Financial Officer, ten years as Vice President of one of the company’s three operating regions and a year building and overseeing the company’s then new capital asset management group.  In October 2007, Mr. Gallagher joined American States Utility Services as Vice President, Management Services.  In his current role, Mr. Gallagher has responsibility over ASUS’ accounting, finance and administrative support functions, and provides support to the company’s operations, contracts and proposal development teams.  Prior to joining American States Water Company, Mr. Gallagher spent eleven years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen with over half of his clients being in the utility area.  In addition to his responsibilities with Golden State, Mr. Gallagher was also active in both the California Water Association and the National Association of Water Companies, chairing, at different times, the Accounting and Finance, Taxation, and Customer Service Committees of the NAWC.



In pursuing our mission, the board of directors, management and the company´s employees are guided by the shared Values presented below:

Integrity - Building trust through honest communications and doing what is right

Teamwork - Maximizing efficiency through collaboration and individual strengths

Respect - Valuing diversity and treating all stakeholders with fairness

Excellence in Service - Striving for excellence and quality in everything we do

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