Board of Directors

American States Water Company and Golden State Water Company

Lloyd E. Ross
(Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Retired, Principal L. Ross Consulting
Non-voting ex-officio member of all committees

James L. Anderson
(Chairperson of the Compensation Committee)
Senior Vice President, Americo Life Inc.

Sarah J. Anderson
(Chairperson of the Audit & Finance Committee)
Retired, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Diana M. Bontá
President & CEO, The Bontá Group

John R. Fielder
Retired, President of Southern California Edison Company

Anne M. Holloway
(Chairperson of the Nominating & Governance Committee)
Retired, Partner Navigant Consulting, Inc.

James F. McNulty
(Chairperson of the ASUS Committee)
Retired, Chairman & CEO, Parsons Corporation

Janice F. Wilkins

Retired, Vice President of Finance and Director of Internal Audit, Intel Corporation

Robert J. Sprowls

President and Chief Executive Officer


In pursuing our mission, the board of directors, management and the company´s employees are guided by the shared Values presented below:

Integrity - Building trust through honest communications and doing what is right

Teamwork - Maximizing efficiency through collaboration and individual strengths

Respect - Valuing diversity and treating all stakeholders with fairness

Excellence in Service - Striving for excellence and quality in everything we do

Accountability - Taking ownership of one´s actions